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Set of Rules

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Set of Rules

Post by Admin on Fri Dec 30, 2016 2:51 pm

Rules - In General

§ 1 Username

Please do NOT use numbers or special characters in your username. If you don’t like your name, you can change it later in your profile settings.

§ 2 Creating threads and posts

*You should bring a certain amount of spelling and grammar. Your contributions don’t have to be perfect, but readable.
*Spam belongs in the Out-Topic! Comments like "okay" or "wait a moment" are not desired in other areas and unnecessary.

§ 3 Behavior & Prohibited Contents

*Please respect and adhere to the Netiquette. You should NOT seriously provoke, offend, or disturb in any other way. Have respect to your partners, because only in this way can the forum be forever, and that is our goal. Try to settle disputes by PN and NOT in public. If you don’t get to any result, turn to a staff-member. Always remember to separate RL and Rpg. Do NOT take disputes into the rolling game, and do NOT take the Rpg in person!
*Racist, radical, pornographic or other material infringing the Constitution is expressly prohibited, and will be punished with exclusion from the forum!

§ 4 Absence

*Please tell us beforehand that you are absent for a longer period of time. You can be absent for a maximum of one week without a cancellation.
*The characters are deprived of the non-active users. The accounts will be deleted later.

§ 5 Multiaccounts

*When you create a Kpop-Idol, you can NOT change the look and age, but you can invent the character and the sexuality.
*If you want to create another person, you can NOT use an image of a kpop idol. The rest may be invented.

§ 6 Advertisement

Advertising for private affairs as a contribution, thread or Pn is strictly forbidden. If you want to be a partner, please apply as a partner page in the thread “Partner-Application”.

§ 7 Tips

Your search is your friend, use it. If this doesn’t help you further, ask in the thread “Need any help?”. (Also as a visitor)
Newbie → Need any help?

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Re: Set of Rules

Post by Admin on Sat Dec 31, 2016 5:17 pm

Rules - Ingame

§ 1 Application

If you want to write as your character, you have to promote yourself as a character first. In the thread “Application”. If you accepted, a moderator or an admin will write under your post and you post will switch over to “Accepted Application.” Then you can start writing.
Remember, that if you’re an Idol, you start in your Group-Dorm.

§ 2 Locomotion

If you change the place, please write your goal as "Tbc: place to which you go"

§ 3 Power

Remember, that nobody is the best singer! Even though you can’t kill a character, if the other character doesn’t like to.
As an Idol you can’t die, but if you are an OC, than you can decide your life story.

§ 4 Winner

The winner of the concert will be decided with a survey. Everyone can vote, but please do NOT vote for yourself or for your group!

§ 5 Rules for Writing

*Asterisk posts are NOT allowed here (e.g. * looks around *)
*It is not permitted to put an info mail, such as "Have edited" or "You must skip me". This can be over PN or in case of doubt also over Facebook, Skype, SMS or something else clarified, but it is not tolerated, if something simply between a few postings stands.
*The skipping of other users in the play is allowed only with their consent, in the absence or if at least 48 hours no post was created by him / her.
*We write in Roman style (e.g. “She went home.”)
*It has to be clear if your Chara says or thinks. Marks the best with colors or other codes.


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